Who we're and
why we're doing this

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Our Mission

Facilitate monitoring and diagnosis by breakthrough biosensors for healthcare, agriculture, the environment, and industrial bioprocesses.

Our Vision

Generate a high impact on society through technological innovation.


Aplife Biotech Corporation was founded in 2020 by business people and scientists with a long experience in DNA research that saw a significant restraint in developing new digital diagnostic devices and designed a way to overcome it.Our technology will revolutionize the electronic biosensing market by introducing a high-throughput receptor discovery platform that uses DNA printing capabilities on a semiconductor chip.


What we are doing

Our technology will allow the simultaneous identification of millions of molecular interactions and enable the development of new portable digital biosensors for new applications, including environmental sciences and health.


Our Team

Pablo D. Baron
Chief Executive Officer
Pablo M. Belluscio
Chief Financial Officer
Guido T. Rozenblum,
Chief Scientific Officer
MarĂ­a Victoria Blanco
Business Development
Ivan Gustavo Pollitzer
Electronic Engineer
Daniela Feoli
IC Engineer
Cynthia Fuentes
Nucleotide Chemist
Agustin Tedesco
Electronic Engineer
Abigail Striker
Claudia Ghitman
Administrative Assistant

Our Advisors

Prof.Serge Lemay
(Twente Un. Netherlands.) MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, Research focus: Digital all-electrical biosensors, Electrochemical nanofluidics, stochastic & single-molecule detection.
Prof. Sun Jin Kim
MD (Miami Un. USA) Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Director of Bionium nanofabrication facility.
Peter Levin, Ph.D.
(Waterloo Un. Canada) Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Prof. David Perrin
(UBC Canada) Professor of Catalysis and Molecular Recognition applied to biology.
Robert Umek, Ph.D.
President at NeuroBio LLC, former Director of Assay Developments at Clinical Micro Sensors (CMS).
Adolfo Nemirovsky
(Serial Entrepreneur) member of the board of several Startups. Over 40 publications in major Journals of science and tech. Authored 10 US Patents.